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RideLink WingMan

The WingMan is your gital pillion for your motorcycle adventures. The WingMan offers many functions that maximize your riding fun and safety. In addition to accident and theft detectors, you can automatically track your rides across Europe and then evaluate them. In addition, you can connect the WingMan to the OBD2 interface and read out the data.

The WingMan is suitable for all bikers and bikes, such as for the solo biker, for motorcycle groups and also the ambitious motorcyclist.

WingMan Family

WingMan Basic

Our entry-level product in the WingMan family. With the Basic you can automatically track your rides, share your location and have theft protection.

WingMan Pro

The WingMan Pro offers you extensive functions such as accident detector, theft protection, automatic tracking and OBD2 vehicle data. The Pro records the data more precisely including the lean angle.

WingMan Race

The WingMan Race is the optimal companion for the ambitious motorcyclist on the race track. Here we offer the highest data precision as well as a variety of evaluation options.

Why RideLink WingMan

We develop the WingMan ourselves and permanently expand the software. We record all driving dynamics values via its high-precision sensors. The WingMan can be connected to the battery or to the OBD2. The WingMan logs into the best 4G network all over Europe. The internal battery lasts up to 4 days on standby

  • Connection to OBD2 or motorcycle battery (9-36V)
  • Fast 4G Internet
  • Europe-wide SIM card*
  • Internal battery 1500mAh for up to 4h tracking or 4days standby

Alternative payment models

We continue to offer subscription models on the WingMan Pro. You can find these models here.


We offer you even more intelligent accessories for your motorcycle adapted to the WingMan

Ridelink Wingman cable

Connect the Ridelink Wingman directly with the diagnostic interface of your motorcycle. We offer a variety of cables for every manufacturer.


We took your feedback and created a small selection of cool styles for you!