Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic
Wingman Basic

Wingman Basic

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Youll Never Ride Alone®  RideLink® is your digital companion.

Live Tracking – Theft Protection

The RideLink WingMan is your digital companion for your next motorcycle adventure. The RideLink WingMan protects your motorcycle with digital theft protection and reliably records all your rides. As an intelligent control unit, the WingMan is permanently installed on the motorcycle and offers a variety of useful functions in conjunction with the RideLink app.

Get the RideLink WingMan Basic now for 99,95 EUR and test all features of the Pro version for 2 months for free. After the two months you have to buy an online subscription for 59,99 EUR for 12 months.

  • Live Tracking
  • Theft protection
  • Trip analysis
  • Group Navigation
  • Route planner
  • Tours database
  • Motorcycle garage for any number of vehicles
  • RideLink cloud storage

Jetzt Download the RideLink Connect App for free now: 

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Live Tracking: Record your routes and share your location in real time with friends and family. This way, those at home will worry less and you'll have the entire route recorded at the same time.

Theft protection: Once the RideLink WingMan is connected to the motorcycle battery and permanently installed on your bike, the highly sensitive sensors can detect any movement on your bike. You will automatically receive an alert on your smartphone when the WingMan detects movement. The internal battery allows the WingMan to track up to 4 hours and has 4 days standby.

Ride Analysis: The WingMan automatically records your ride data and saves it to the RideLink Cloud every 10 seconds. You can view and analyze the data after your ride.

Group Navigation: With the free RideLink app, you can easily navigate your next ride. You can also invite your friends to join you on a tour. During the ride, the app shows each tour participant on the map and navigates you safely to the common destination.

Route planner: You can easily plan a route with the app and on the web and be navigated in exciting and in unknown areas motorcyclist-friendly.

Tours database: You can experience your rides as a tour at any time. You can also share your tours in the community and choose from hundreds of tours. The app offers you over 800 tours from the tour rider for a fee.

The WingMan connects via WLAN to your smartphone and with the help of a European SIM card via superfast 4G to the Internet. The WingMan is easy to mount and can be installed in a few minutes. You just have to connect it to the motorcycle battery and install it with the app. Then you are ready to go!

After the 2 months trial period, the RideLink WingMan Basic requires a paid subscription of 59,99 EUR for 12 months (5,00 EUR per month).

Lieferumfang Deines WingMan Basic:

  • RideLink WingMan
  • Installation guide
  • Data plan 2 months*
  • 3M Dual Lock and cable tie
  • Connection cable for 12V battery

Benefits of your WingMan Basic:
  • Fast 4G Internet
  • Europe-wide SIM card*
  • Internal battery 1500mAh for up to 4h tracking or days standby
  • Upgradeable to WingMan Pro or WingMan Race

After 12 months you have to renew the data plan and eCall for 59,99 EUR per year.

*Country coverage data plan: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Andorra, Monaco, Lichtenstein, Iceland, United Kingdom, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Moldova, Northern Macedonia, Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Greece, Kosovo, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary

Size:Approx. 106 x 87 x 28.5 mm
Weight:About 100g
Country cover accident detector:Germany, Spain, France, Luxembourg, Portugal, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands
Mounting:3m dual lock or cable tie
Service:About Ridelink App
Link:5GHz WiFi and 2G / 4G modem
Scope of delivery:Wingman with Europe-wide SIM card, connection cable to 12V battery and open CAN bus, installation instructions, 3M Dual Lock and cable ties for attachment, E-Call and data tariff for 12 months including activation